About FST

“A farrago of all your hopes, dreams, doubts & fears in a mixed fodder of imagery … A tool for the journey”.

The Farrago Spiritum Tarot is the collaboration of Seattle based Artist Yvette Endrijautzki & Astrologer, Tarot Reader & Teacher Raven Zingaro. The electronic assemblage artwork of Yvette is based on the writings of Raven … The two have been close friends for nearly 15 years and together feel a strong connection to this special project & getting it out into the world.

Thank you for us both for following us on the amazing journey.

As of September 2020 the deck is in stock & has been made available for purchase. If you are in the United States you can purchase through this link:

Farrago Spiritum Tarot Deck United States

If you are in Europe, please visit Yvette’s website through this link:

Farrago Spiritum Tarot Deck Europe

Many Blessing,

Raven & Yvette